Sports culture, equipment and dress all have interest in promoting branding and iconography surrounding team personality and the athletic body. For most instances it is the male body. It is the basis of the body ideal and incredibly influential to masculinity as a gender. I don’t have interest in promoting this ideal. It is a place from which to play with the body and the equipment and the iconography of this branding/gender. It’s also a place of homosocial organization in terms of it being split between the sexes. I aim in my imagery and sculptures to both alter and accentuate this fact. Strictly using masculinity as a basis for my work can be limiting since it can be boxed into a gay identity and strictly about the male body. An important part of why sports plays a big role is because of my own experiences being a gay adolescent who was strongly influenced by athleticism in ways both detrimental to my understanding of my self/body but also fostering my queer identity through it’s touch in things I grew to love. My ideal was filtered through these things which had been fostered in athletic bodies, aesthetic and/or spirit. Everything from Sporty Spice to guys in gym or my sports teams who both guided and taunted me, and collecting toy wrestlers. It was my way of finding my "safe space" in terms of gender and sexuality. I find ways to communicate through the fragmentation of these images and materials the queer body that sports both celebrates and hides.

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